Nepal Earthquake: how we can help

The worst earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years, the quake on Saturday morning has left Nepal devastated. Aftershocks are continuing to hit the region. The US Geological Survey has rated the magnitude of the quake as 7.9 on the Richter Scale. Over 4,000 persons have been killed. There is a huge amount of destruction to property, many of which are historical sites in Kathmandu and several other places in Nepal.

Several organisations, local and international, have started work to offer relief to the survivors of the earthquake.

Each one of us can contribute to the relief effort by donating cash (and/or materials in some cases) to these organisations.

Donations can be made to (or through) the following organisations:

1. Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (India):

2. Red Cross Nepal:

3. World Vision:

4. Global Giving:

5. Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres):

6. CARE:

7. Save The Children:

8. Mercy Corps:

9. Direct Relief:

10. The American Nepal Medical Foundation:

11. Shikshya Foundation Nepal:

12. Environmental Support Group, Bangalore:

13. Uday Foundation, New Delhi:

14: Goonj:

15. Indian Express Citizen’s Relief Fund:

There are other organizations as well. I decided to summarize the information that was readily available at The Alternative and share it.


5 thoughts on “Nepal Earthquake: how we can help

  1. Terrible thing to happen..nature sometimes can be horrible too..

    My heart goes out to everyone ..let us all get together and do something for the good of the people who have suffered so much..

  2. Simple, innocent, people working in harsh weather conditions! Lives lost in a fraction of a second. Duty of every Indian to help them in these trying times. Nice of you to post a few of the organisations which are doing their bit in collecting donations .

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