India through the eyes of a child

Vyas, my nephew, is 9 years old, lives in USA with his parents, and is currently on his second visit to India. When he heard that I blog, he was all excitement! He read a couple of my posts and declared that he was privileged to be related to a blogger! I told him it was no big deal, and asked him if he would like to write a Guest Post. At first he thought I was pulling his leg, but when he realized I was serious, he was in seventh heaven!

As requested by me, Vyas has listed the things he likes about India and the things he doesn’t like about India. Each list starts with the thing he likes/dislikes the most. The matter has been written by him without any prompting from anybody. I have edited the matter slightly and have published the final draft approved by him and his parents.

Things I like about India

1. I have many more relatives in India than in the US.

2. The awesome food: mangoes, pineapples, fish, …

3. The people are more jovial, and laugh a lot more than in the US.

4. I had thought India is not as technologically advanced as the US, but I see technology in India is just as advanced as in the US. People use the same cellphones, laptops and tablets and also the same apps.

5. The view: more nature, more people, more different kinds of buildings; the urban, suburban and rural areas seem to co-exist in one place.

6. The currency: all notes have Gandhi’s picture on them. Different value notes have different colors and sizes, so it’s easy for a visitor to India. (US currency notes are all of the same size and color. There is a different President’s picture for different values. This is difficult for a visitor to the US.)

7. Ceiling fans are available everywhere. They are found in the US also, but in very few places.

8. The way things go on in India: no seat belts, children can sit on the front seat, no booster seats …

9. Billboards are seen everywhere; in the US, they are seen only in big cities.

Things I don’t like about India

1. People call me a baby! Some people even pinch my cheeks!!

2. Too many mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders

3. Frequent power outs. In the US, I’ve experienced only one power out. This was for a couple of days during Hurricane Sandy.

4. Bumpy roads, which cause motion sickness.

5. Traffic is too slow in the cities. There are frequent traffic jams and too much honking.

6. The heat: I wish it wasn’t so much. It makes going out in the daytime difficult.

7. Too much rain during the monsoon.

Finally, if I had to choose between 10 million dollars and going to India 10 times in the next 10 years, I would choose going to India 10 times in the next 10 years.

What would YOU choose?

I hope you enjoyed reading Vyas’ Guest Post. Please post your comments and your questions to Vyas.


27 thoughts on “India through the eyes of a child

  1. Yesss my man..mangoes pineapples..yea yes….yess people definitely more smiley..laughing a lot..but compard to indians abroad.. I think..

    Point 6 I am angaist as I dont know why we have gandhi when there were so many others who did more than him for the nation..

    And completely with the little one on things he does not like.. I am four times and more your age I am still called a baby. .

    Oh yes definitley choose every time is india time..

    God bless little one.. have fun time in one of the best nations in the world inspite of all the things that you dont like. . But thats what makes india the india it is..Enjoy

  2. Hi Vyas – I like your name. So typically Indian!
    In the US Indians are called ‘Desis’, but officially NRIs which meant many things,some not very pleasant, now with the wishes that you have expressed it is “Now Returning Indians” of those like you wanting to come back in what is called “Reverse Brain Drain”.
    The love and affection that you get from your relations out here you surely don’t get there – the pinching of the cheek is one sign of this, it’s sure to stop as you grow up!
    Hi Kid, come more often – you are sure to like it with every visit.
    Eagerly look forward to meeting with you. Lots and lots of love.

  3. Vyas’ blog was from his heart.Having been in a profession that advised the NRIs from across the globe from Moscow, Ukraine, Libya, USA, Canada, UK to Zambia,for over four decades I’ve had to deal with and interact with a great cross section of them – once considered – Not Required Indians/Not Reliable Indians with the downturn in the Western economies they’ve become Now Returning Indians and advise them too. Your take?

  4. Hi Vyas,
    Good to see you blogging.. Pineapples and Mangoes are a treat to everyone..!!!
    Your smile certainly must have captured a baby
    ACs, coolers and ceilng fan a must welcome in every summer…So, Vyas chill out and make your visit a truly memorable one…take care
    Good Day !! 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi Vyas,
    It was so nice going thru ur blog. Was happy to see u say u like so many things about India where u have ur roots. It’s difficult for the things u don’t like to change n will surely take a very long time. But the love n affection u get from your loved ones is only in India, I guess. Enjoy every moment, every mango n, even though u may not like it, every pinch on your cheek. Time flies n soon we will have a young n handsome Vyas, who hopefully will have a new outlook on India with improved conditions. Keep coming often n give us the pleasure of more blog posts from you. Have a great time n enjoy!

  6. I am happy to see that children like you also find so many things here worth liking….The things you dont like, even we dont, but slowly we hope to change everything…For me It will be always India first..

  7. It’s a reality-check when you read a child’s mind. The child is free of the social, mental etc blocks that our mind has. We tend to overlook the simple things we are getting in our lives, which others miss. It was indeed humbling to read those. I would love to hear Vyas’s experience/thoughts on an Indian child studying in US. How his experience differs from his cousins studying in India.

  8. Dear Vyas,
    I am really glad u choose to come to India ten times rather than ten million, this shows ur love for the country, your grand parents would love to have u every year. No doubt USA is a wonderful place. India, we hope, will be equally great in all respects, we can make it happen. I am sure u will do well in USA and one day come here with your rich experience to share with all ur relatives.

  9. This was a great read, Vyas! Your lists are quite thoughtfully prepared. I love point 3 in the Likes list – about people in India being more jovial. Kind of agree with you on that one, especially because I too lived in the US for more than 14 years, and have now been living in India for last 7! I find myself more happy here 🙂 And in the Dislikes list, I find your point on “pinching the cheeks” so cute 🙂 Yes we Indians have that bad habit, especially if the “baby” in front of us is so cute and smart like you! Wonderful write-up. Congratulations. And thanks Pro for having Vyas as your guest blogger.

  10. Kids are the best. Innocent and honest to the core. I loved the 3rd point in his likes list. Completely agree! 🙂 I’m surprised that he didn’t write about people telling him, “You’re all grown up, baby.” I guess he’ll surely put it up on his forthcoming visits. 😀

  11. You seem to be a positive person, Vyas, for your age! Be like this always, no, I won’t say baby!

    I liked the positive things you listed. So many things are there. You have noticed ceiling fans too! And about the currency. I remember now about the US currency. What you said is right. Ours is better for handling esp. for non-Indians.

    It was nice to read your views, Vyas! All the best to you!

  12. Thoughtful, Vyas, I would say. I returned from US as I used to miss lots of things you mentioned – materially and mentally…Wish people like you steer India, US or wherever you are towards a brighter destiny…

  13. Dear Vyas,
    I am glad that you feel happy to be coming to India over & over again. I am sure you will find every visit of yours noticeably different from the earlier ones. Your comment on Indians being “more jovial” this is because an Indian believes in making others happy. You will observe this everywhere you go. Just like the love & affection you get from your relations it is only in India that you get to your first to maybe fifth or sixth cousin which is not the case in the US. enjoy meeting & being showered by both their affection & attention. Enjoy your stay in India & plan many more.

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