Customer is king!

My friend was flying Economy from a European city to Mumbai. The flight took off at 5.00 pm local time and was scheduled to reach Mumbai at 6.00 am IST the next day.

Dinner was served at 6.15 pm, but he politely told the flight attendant that he did not want dinner. When she asked if he would like some fruits or juice or anything else, he explained to her that, as a religious practice, he did not consume any solid or liquid food between sunset and sunrise, and the sun had set at 6.00 pm. When she said, “I hope you had dinner before boarding the flight, sir,” he truthfully replied that he had only managed to have a light snack.

After the dinner service was concluded, the flight attendant told him that, if he needed any food or drink at any time during the flight, he should ask for it and she or any of her colleagues would be pleased to serve him. Of course, my friend did not consume anything.

Just before landing at Mumbai, the flight attendant came to my friend’s seat along with the Captain. “Sir, we are extremely sorry that we could not provide any service to you during this flight. Please accept this very small token of our appreciation of your patience,” the Captain said, giving my friend a large pack of premium chocolates.

From that day, my friend flies only on that airline, except when it does not operate on a particular route, because “They treat their customers like kings!”


22 thoughts on “Customer is king!

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  2. Kingfisher Airlines did treat its customers like kings – each new aircraft first flew to Tirupati for a on-tarmac pooja.
    The in-flight lady crew clad in red were said to be hand picked by the Big Boss himself.
    Despite snuffing out Air Deccan Kingfisher went belly up.
    No salaries no taxes.No jail, no penalty – the King of Good Times continues with his 12 models-14 photographers Calenders,Indian Paisa League and Formula 1.
    His unpaid bankers, creditors and staff high and dry.

  3. This is so inspiring, Pro.Not every organisation has this concern. For them, we pay and we use the services. They don’t think of giving us the ‘ value for money’ beyond the obvious. Kudos to the crew. Thanks for sharing this with us .

  4. Only an organization that looks after its employees well will have their employees behave in this manner. Hats off to the Captain & crew. Look at Tata employees they even gave up their lives in the terrorist attack in saving the public lives.

  5. People are becoming more conscious of this now.. They realize that if they treat their customers right, and treat them well, the customers will keep coming back.

  6. Truly touching when the smallest gestures can make us appreciate the greater good. What a lovely experience you have shared, Pro!

  7. That’s what we call a caring airline and it’s always nice to have such awesome people. I got the same treatment with Emirates Airlines from Dubai to Mumbai and at Trident Gurgaon. They treat customers like family members and adore their staff:)

  8. Chocolates. Hmm. 🙂 I remember on Indian Airlines – a few years ago, when Vidur was very young, the attendant saw him eat the contents of the milk sachet. When we were about to reach our destination, the attendant gave him a little pouch with 5-6 sachets. 😀

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