The long arm of the law (55 Fiction)

Vidya Sury 28.10 (7)

Vidya had said that, while she had no doubt about the self-styled godman’s guilt, his powerful devotees would ensure nothing happened to him.

She’d proclaimed that she’d sit in the bookstore the whole day wearing a
dunce cap if the charlatan was arrested!

I feel sorry for Vidya!

But I’m truly glad she was wrong!

This post was written for Write Tribe‘s 55 on Friday (Prompt: write 55 words inspired by the picture.)


24 thoughts on “The long arm of the law (55 Fiction)

  1. Loved the 55 fiction, although I am not sure the Vidya who suggested this prompt will be very happy to know that you used her name as the protagonist of this particular tale 😉

    • 😀 Jairam. a/ I am always happy and b/ I am totally cool with the name.
      If there are things that offend me, they must be public issues.

      Honestly, I found it so amusing that Pro chose that name for the 55. Come to think of it, I would totally do something like that. Especially if it was in a bookstore as beautiful as this one, wearing those pretty shoes.

      This store is at Orion Mall, Jairam. And I had a great time photographing the girl!

      (Pro – I hope you don’t mind my replying to Jairam’s comment!)

      • I do not mind at all, Vidya!

        It is possible to have some harmless fun when talking or thinking about serious issues as well. It was a challenge to me to write a 55F on the photograph while still touching upon a serious issue. I’m glad I could overcome the challenge!

        I am totally with you on “If there are things that offend me, they must be public issues.”

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