If only you were here!

Like a good father, you gave your children the freedom to do what they wanted.

Sadly, your children forgot you and deserted you. Worse, they make a show of remembering you. They decorate their walls with your photograph, erect your statues in the open air, name roads after you and put your face on their currency notes. They make a show of remembering you on your birth anniversaries and your death anniversaries. But they drove you out of the one place where you should be. Oh Bapu, if only you were here: in the conscience of each and every Indian!

Written for 100 Words on Saturday at Write Tribe. (Prompt: If only you were here)

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe


15 thoughts on “If only you were here!

  1. Nice use of the prompt, this is a lament that I also have most of the time, more so when I see the great man smiling down upon us from all the places that you mentioned, court rooms, rupee notes, police station walls, etc

  2. Now that you brought in Bapu – what happened to him and his children?
    It will be worth going to Kahlil Gibran’s Prophecy to get a peek into this.

  3. So touching. We are indeed guilty of not adhering to his principles and make a mockery when we erect statues, name roads after him, buy khadi clothes in the name of fashion. We remember Bapu only on 2nd Oct.

  4. Very well observed. We have forgotten Bapu’s teachings despite we celebrate him. We fight and tear each other apart in the name of religion and spark hatred, we do not think twice before indulging in corrupt practices:)

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