Thwarting sexual harassers, Reducing sexual harassment

One afternoon, on the foot overbridge at Dadar railway station in Mumbai, I witnessed a scene that one normally sees only in Bollywood films.

A young man walking a few feet in front of me suddenly put out his right elbow, which, after a few seconds, touched the breast of the young woman walking in the opposite direction. It had obviously been done deliberately. The young woman scowled at him, muttered, “Idiot!” and walked on. Just then, a deafening sound made everybody in the vicinity stop. A tall, well-built gentleman, who had been walking behind the girl, had landed a tight slap on the young man’s cheek. The young man froze with shock, but managed to recover enough to ask, “Who are you to slap me?” The gentleman calmly replied, “I am a police officer. I’m not in uniform right now, so you may not believe me. Here’s my Identity Card. Let’s go to the police station. One night in the lock-up will knock some sense into you!”

The young man was terrified! “Sir, please don’t do that. I’m very sorry. I belong to a decent family. I’m a college student. Please see my Identity Card. Please, sir. I swear to God I will never do such a thing again.”

The police officer took the Identity Card and replied, “OK. I won’t put you in the lock-up. You may go. I’ll come to your college at 10.00 am tomorrow and hand over your Identity Card to your Principal. Happy?”

Now, the young man was scared stiff! He started crying. “Sir, sir, sir! I’ll be expelled from the college. My life will be ruined. Please let me go, sir. I swear to God I will never do such a thing again.”

Looking into the young man’s eyes, the police officer replied, “How would you like it if some man misbehaves in the same way with your sister or your mother? Would you forgive him? Or would you want to see that he is punished?” The young man was silent.

After a few seconds, the police officer said, “I think you’ve learnt your lesson, so I’m not taking any action. Remember that every woman is somebody’s sister, somebody’s daughter. One day, she’ll be somebody’s wife and somebody’s mother. Please treat all women with the same respect that you would like other men to treat your mother and your sister with!” He returned the young man’s Identity Card and walked away.

I’m pretty sure that, not only the young man, other young men who had witnessed the incident would think twice before attempting to misbehave with any woman in public.

The police officer had handled the situation really well. But, it had been a lucky coincidence that he had been present when the young man had misbehaved with the young woman.

I think the turning point in this incident was the reply “I am a police officer” to the young man’s question “Who are you to slap me?” Many of us would like to do exactly what the police officer did. But we cannot ‘take the law into our hands’. We are powerless when an offender asks, “Who are you?”

I think the time has come for the government to create bodies of volunteers (similar to the Home Guards or Traffic Wardens) where citizen volunteers are trained and empowered to take action against men who sexually harass women. Secondly, support systems (also staffed by volunteers) should be created to assist victims of sexual harassment and sexual crimes to cope with the trauma that follows such incidents.

To start with, this could be introduced in a few cities. After fine-tuning, the same could be introduced all over the country.

Are we, the citizens of India, willing and enthusiastic to do our bit?

Or do we think our role ends with raving and ranting on television talk shows, on Facebook, on Twitter, and in our homes, taking part in candle light protests, writing blogs, reading blogs and commenting on blogs?

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12 thoughts on “Thwarting sexual harassers, Reducing sexual harassment

  1. The problem I have with this situation is that we shouldn’t have to refer to the harasser’s mother, sister, or wife – that will only feed the patriarchal notion that he owns their sexuality and should take personal offence when someone assaults them. It should be sufficient that she is a human being with the right to walk down the street freely without being groped.

    As such, the officer should have just said, this is a crime, and arrested the harasser.

  2. While the idea of having volunteer cops similar to traffic wardens is commendable, the fact remains that Indians are prone to misusing these kinds of privileges. Just as an example, someone with these privileges might just end up extorting small time vendors or something similar, don’t you think…

  3. The Delhi Police have coined a catchy line – “Every citizen is a policeman without uniform.”
    Police Department in all metro cities should recognize dedicated citizen groups like Neighbourhood Networks/Initiatives or Residents’ Welfare Associations/ Exnora with “Police Mitra” ID cards based on the Groups’ interaction with the police. Misuse of the Card should be severely dealt with.
    In Mumbai following the 1992 riots, the then Commissioner Super Cop Julio Rebeiro initiated what he called the Mohalla (Locality) Committee to informally police their immediate neighbourhood.
    Unfortunately political interests stuffed them with their own cronies who chose to misuse their
    proximity with the police station to both prevent action or harass their opponents. Consequently his successors gave the Committee an indecent burial!

  4. The boys of our country are spineless. It is the harsh truth. Mostly NCC, scouting, we shy away in pretext of studies & focus on going abroad. No one cares a damn.
    I am proud in saying that I was only one selected in Indian Navy from my college, rest all of my friends are settled in USA. In real life too I had to fight it out single handedly to safeguard my sister on many occasions. Every time we fall back on Police or crowd to fight such evil, this mind set should be changed.

  5. The way the girl child is brought up in this country should first change. They are told not to get into any such trouble and to ignore such things. So the attitude is that of submission rather that to rebel. When women turn around to retaliate and not be submissive…then comes the true change. For that women need to be brought up confident and a bit of self defense training does help. And of course, other women in and around the place should step in to support and help. There is more safety and guts in numbers.

    like the idea of “citizen volunteers” and yes, nothing works like a good threat, fear is such a good motivator. nice write up 🙂

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  7. There is a lot of hype of ‘bringing up a girl child’. Pray how many parents have enrolled their daughters in self defence or karate courses that enable them to fight back?
    I’ve not seen much interest – they’ll rather send them to expensive tuition teachers, salsa and Shiamak Davar dance lessons!

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