Independence Day Resolution

Today is the 66th Anniversary of India’s Independence Day.

Yesterday, I thought to myself: most of us make New Year Resolutions; many of us make Birthday Resolutions; why don’t I make an Independence Day Resolution?

New Year Resolutions and Birthday Resolutions are made by us as individuals. They would typically be about losing weight, eating healthier, exercising regularly, reducing drinking, stopping smoking and other forms of self-improvement of the individual.

Independence Day Resolutions would be about self-improvement of the individual as a citizen. What resolution should I make this year? Till late evening, I couldn’t think of anything substantial and catchy to be an Independence Day Resolution. Then, I chanced upon something a friend had sent me some time back. It was his variation of the story of Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody:

“There were some important jobs to be done.
Everybody was expected to do them.
Everybody would benefit if the jobs were done.
Everybody would suffer if the jobs were not done.

Everybody wanted the jobs to be done.
Everybody knew how to do them.
Everybody had the energy and the time to do them.
There was no reason why Everybody could not do them.

Everybody was sure Everybody Else would do them.
So, Everybody did not even try to do the jobs.
The important jobs were not done.
Everybody suffered.

Everybody blamed Everybody Else for not doing the jobs.
Everybody Else blamed Everybody for not doing the jobs.
They started quarrelling.
Somebody asked them why they were quarrelling.

Everybody said Everybody Else had not done the important jobs.
Everybody Else retorted that it was Everybody’s duty to do the jobs.
Somebody said, “While it’s much easier for Everybody to do these jobs,
I can do them myself with a bit of effort.”

Everybody said, “Then, why don’t you do them?”
Somebody agreed to do the important jobs.
Everybody relaxed!
Everybody Else also relaxed!

Somebody completed doing the important jobs.
Somebody, Everybody and Everybody Else benefitted because the jobs were done.
Everybody and Everybody Else were happy because they had enjoyed the benefits of Somebody’s efforts.
Somebody did not mind because, if the jobs had not been done, Somebody would have suffered along with Everybody and Everybody Else.”

I asked myself: would I prefer to be like ‘Everybody’, ‘Everybody Else’ or ‘Somebody’?

‘Somebody’ epitomised the famous words of John F. Kennedy:
“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
Obviously, I would prefer to be like ‘Somebody’! My Independence Day Resolution would be inspired by ‘Somebody’!

My Independence Day 2013 Resolution is:

“I will sincerely try, to the best of my ability, to do whatever I think is necessary to make India a better place to live in on August 15, 2014 than it is today.”

I’d love it if many others adopt the same Independence Day 2013 Resolution. Far too many Indians are like ‘Everybody’ and ‘Everybody Else’. More Indians should be like ‘Somebody’!

Happy Independence Day!

Jai Hind!

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4 thoughts on “Independence Day Resolution

  1. Wow, that truly was an inspiring post. Am hoping that more ‘somebodys’ are formed due to this post. I for one, will surely strive to be a somebody going forward.

  2. At a time when Parliamentary Resolutions and Supreme Court judgements are just thrown to the winds with impunity, what is the sanctity of you or I makings such resolutions?
    What is the kind of governance – UPA ka haat or NDA ka kamal, Netaji ki do payya wali cycle or Behenji ki haathi ka millajoola Kichdi in August 2014?

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